• Provision of 900mm ‘Clear Zone’ where the pool fence intersects another fence.
  • Provision of a CPR sign within pool enclosure noting procedure for infants and young children.
  • Climbable objects near pool fence.
  • Climbable trees/plants near the fence.
  • Clear zone of 300mm inside the pool fence (positioned as a shadow of the outside non climbable zone of 900mm).
  • Direct access to the pool enclosure via open able windows.
  • Direct access to the pool enclosure via a door of a habitable dwelling is not allowed.


  • Gate to open outwards of pool enclosure.
  • Gate latch needs to be 1500mm min. from finished ground level.
  • Hinges need to be 900mm min apart, and non-climbable.
  • Highest low rail needs to be 1400mm min. from bottom of latch.
  • Gate needs to be self-closing from resting position on strike plate.
  • Gate needs to remain latched when child is standing on the bottom rail of gate.
  • Gap between bottom of gate and ground needs to be less than 100mm.
  • If the latching mechanism is situated behind the gate, is there a vertical minimum distance of 150mm and a gap between the gate and continuing fence less than 10mm.


  • Provision of Non Climbable Zone of 900mm minimum between horizontal rails.
  • Maintenance of gap of less than 100mm between vertical uprights when squeezed by hand.
  • Height of fence 1200mm or higher./li>
  • Are the vertical uprights less than 100mm apart?
  • Gap between the bottom of fence and ground needs to be less than 100mm.